Paris first trip

My first trip to paris was on March 2012, i still remember masa tu i just ada order 9 pieces LV and 1 piece of gucci. But oklah, sebab we all pergi sambil bercuti.

At first, my hubby memang tak confident with my idea nak jual LV as he had experience with LV before (masa bujang2 dulu, jadi orang upahan beli LV, hehe. He told me that dulu, siap ada ramai chinese people from China yg akan approach asian people to help them to buy the LV, then they will give u a tips depending on items yg u dapat beli). LV memang sangat strict with their stock. They have limited purchase quantity per customers as they want to control their prestige lah konon. Cam tu lah lebih kurang. But it is actually depend with the sales assistant & boutique jugak. So, i took the risk and hubby masa ni tak bagi support sangat.

So, since this is our first time, we decided to go to their flagship store at Avenue des Champs Elysees. K, nanti i tulis about this flagship store in next entries ya.

Cuma sempat ambik gambar my kids je as i was too busy with the bag!

During the trip, my hubby and i managed to buy 2 neverfull, 2 speedy, 2 delightful & 2 tivoli. One more order of neverfull kena left out sebab tak dapat beli, then for myself pun i tak beli sebab masa tu i nak sgt tivoli. A bit disappointed sebab tak dapat beli for myself masa tu, but customer kan always come first.

Selesai sessi shopping, we continued our vacation to Disneyland.

Selepas our first trip, i got full support from my hubby and he willing to help me fly to Paris untuk belikan bag dgn mengangkut kawan2 nye sekali sebab kena bwk other person together to purchase the bag due to boutique punya restriction. My hubby working with airlines company, so we get very good price of air ticket, Alhamdulilah.


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